Sharon A Johnson

Photo Artist


Born in Port Sulphur, LA .  Received a BS in Business Administration at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

My love of photography began when my parents gave me my first DSLR camera when I was in my 20's.  I studied at the Art Institute of Houston where I became fascinated with post production.  Since I never quite learned how to draw and paint, I studied hard to learn how to replicate the power of an artist.

Fast forward to the digital age of photography, and here I am.  Able and willing to spend hours on a project to change the original from a (perhaps) sub-par photo into a frame worthy art treasure.

I have lived in 9 states (some more than once!) and was intrigued by the different climates, topography, seasons and people.  Somehow, here we are back in Louisiana ... where my heart has always been.